Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Eve-Teasing, a Joke!

Had been a long time since I wrote on my blog,had almost forgotten that it exists. I'm writing today for a cause,as a part of Blog-a-thon 2006 (Please visit http://blanknoiseproject.blogspot.com/ for more details)

Almost everyone of you must've seen this recent hit "Rang De Basanti". I remember a scene where this foreigner lands at Delhi University and the guy at the entrance teases her saying "Madam,which country?" and she gives a witty reply "India,I suppose!" . And the spectators laugh,it's supposed to be a joke.

'Joke'...that's what has become of eve teasing in India today. What the girl faces when she is teased/molested/groped,the mental trauma she undergoes,the feeling of being used that she experiences,the disgust,anger,helplessness... have all become a joke and have been shrouded by things less important like what the girl was wearing,whether she attracted undue attention from the guys,which finally end up diverting and subduing the entire core issue of the girl having been victimised. And in the melee,the guilty escape unpunished.

I recall that when i was in Delhi a year back,one of my friends' friend was drugged by her 'friends' at a late-night party and raped,she was left helpless and bleeding in the city centre from where her highly influential parents picked her up. Back in her house,she was condemned and confined to a room without being attended by any doctor or a nurse,with her influential dad worrying and brooding about what'll happen to his status if the news leaks.She was scolded for not listening to them when they warned her against attending late-night parties,when they told her to wear 'dignified' clothing. Within hours,she was shifted out of Delhi and within a month,she was out of India,perhaps never to return again. A girl gets raped,a highly educated and influential dad fears to complain to the police fearing the 'society'...and the culprits...they escape unharmed,unpunished...maybe to repeat the crime again someday.

If that is what happens to those who're raped in India,imagine what can happen to a girl who's eve-teased. People's attitude is like,"She's afterall eve-teased,no big deal!" Perhaps we have to borrow a leaf out of the same movie "Rang De Basanti", bring about a revolution in the mindset of the people towards women in India. It's not only about changing the mindset of men,but also women who're not only mere spectators but at times directly/indirectly are abettors in such crimes. It's high time that women fight for a decent and dignified standing in this country (I'm at present confining myself to India to begin with).
Women should perhaps start beating up the perpetrators to begin with,if not kill them. It amounts to taking the law into their own hands,but since our police and legal systems have gone to dogs,they have no option but to take up cudgels with their male partners.

And also an overall upliftment in the status of women by prevention of female foeticide,prevention of dowry,better education,reservation in parliament,entry into the top echelons of the government and in private industries will all go a long way in preventing these unpleasant incidents like eve-teasing.Everybody in the society should fight for these causes.

I don't want to mix this issue with 'decent' dressing and 'staring/seeing' issues which are applicable to both men and women,they're quite debatable and will write about it someother time.


At 10:47 AM, Blogger blah_blah_blogger said...

You are right...we have all been touching upon just the surface by talking about groping and grabbing...it stems from scant respect for women, which manifests itself in many ways...

At 6:11 PM, Blogger Maya Cassis said...

yesterday while walking behind christ college in bangalore one person came and misbehaved.I slapped him and stared at him.he stared back angrily as if I had hurt him.creep!that whole area is full of people who are dirty and uncouth.when i saw your post today the feelings upsurged again.
why do people behave like this.

At 8:48 PM, Blogger jvpoirot said...


this is a good post , and did blank noise allow you to link your post to theirs?
jus' interested


At 10:02 PM, Blogger Blinkdreamz said...

of course,jvpoirot,blanknoise allowed me to link my post to theirs.

At 4:31 PM, Blogger meira said...

I grew up in Delhi.I have heard stories of girls geting groped,touched,molested...every single day at work ...when I was in college...the list is endless and the victims are endless too.I used to be a school teacher in an all girls convent ,so called highly reputed school in Delhi.Being the only teacher travelling back and forth that bus...you cannot imagine the amount of unbelievable tension I would go thru each day.I felt it was my duty as a teacher to make sure every child would reach home safely.The worst ordeal that I went thru each day was the amount of insecurity I felt after all kids got off...and I was left alone in that DTC bus with a driver and a conductor leering away at me.I just moved to pune..but it still rankles me to think of all the kids who are travelling in that bus...I cannot explain my guilt each time I think of those children.Just feel each day that I let down children who were my responsibility.

At 12:42 AM, Blogger Ravi Masalthi said...

Hey Girish,

Nice blog. Write more often.



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